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Blogging, Beer, & Banana Bacardi: Northeast Mastermind Kickoff

Blogging, Beer, & Banana Bacardi: Northeast Mastermind Kickoff

The best thing I’ve done to expand my professional network and ramp up my blog is join the Twin Cities Collective, a group of local creatives, bloggers, and entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Within this growing group of talented individuals are subgroups—Masterminds—created for individuals who live in the same neighborhoods to meet, support, and encourage one another. Last night, the Downtown/Northeast/North Loop Mastermind met up for the first time (over drinks, of course), and because I enjoyed myself so much, I decided to blog about it.

Our fearless leader, Alec Fischer (@fischerjournals) kicked off our night with a Post-It activity. We each wrote down 10 words that describe our lives, one per Post-It. Then, we had to crumple up 2 of the words, with the thought: once they’re crumpled, they’re no longer a part of your life. We continued crumpling up our identifiers until we were down to one, and Alec asked: If this was the only word used to describe who you are, would you be happy with your choice?

The 10 words I used to describe myself, if you’re curious, are (in no particular order):

Positive, Driven, Talkative, Sassy, Flirty, Writer, Woman, Aunt, Kind, Smart

Any guesses which one I ended up with?

I sat at Freehouse, sipping my cocktail (a surprisingly delicious combination of Banana Bacardi, ginger beer, lime juice, and simple syrup—I promise, it’s better than it sounds), and engaging in conversation with people who get it, and realized how lucky I am to be involved with such an inspiring community. Meeting bloggers in the area, who love Minneapolis, writing, and networking as much as I do, was so exciting and refreshing.

We all agreed that brunch is amazing, Netflix is addictive, and Minneapolis is totally underrated. But, we also have a lot of differences, which made for even better conversation.

Alec has built his Instagram following to an astonishing 22.6K followers, and has recently been deemed an Influencer.

Adriana runs a blog centered on mental health, sharing her own experiences and the experiences of her friends to help break down the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Liz is an engineer by day and a fashion blogger by night, aiming to support local designers.

How cool it is to meet individuals with such varied interests!

I am so excited to continue attending our Mastermind meet-ups, make new friends in the area, and really dive into this blogging lifestyle. Being held accountable to show up and reach goals is only going to help me become a better blogger and a better professional.

Thank you to Jenna Redfield (Jenna Redfield Designs & Lakeside Creative Studios) for facilitating the Mastermind initiative, and to Alec Fischer for leading our group.

P.S. — the adjective I ended up with was Talkative.

Stay tuned for a post describing why. ;)
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