Week Three: Equanimity


The theme of Week Three was equanimity. The choice between being reactive or being interpretive. The idea of being balanced; in equilibrium. We discussed this quote:

"Yes and no are present in all things. To say yes to one thing automatically means saying no to another . . . saying yes to conscience and spirit is saying no to ego." - Baron Baptiste

I'll be honest; much like Week Two—and much to my dismay—I was not very committed to the 40 Days program in Week Three. I've got yoga and self-reflection down pat, but reading, recording my food intake, and meditating has proven to be difficult for me to do on a daily basis. It's also difficult for me to remember my weeks go from Wednesday to Wednesday. I tend to slack Thursday-Saturday and tell myself, "We'll begin Sunday—the start of a new week," not realizing that actually only gives me three days to make good on my commitment.




I'm getting to the point where I become restless if I haven't moved and sweat at least once a day. I'm developing great relationships with some of the other yogis at Up, which makes me want to keep returning every day. It's honestly a little hard for me to believe I've only been regularly attending for a couple months; yoga has quickly become an integral part of my day.

This may sound cheesy, but joining Up Yoga and committing to a daily practice is truly the best thing I've done for myself in years. I feel so good these days (well, most days—I'm still human). Unbelievably, I now even want to exercise more in other ways and eat healthier, too. Who the hell am I? (I've struggled with this stuff for years.)



Fifteen minutes twice a day is honestly not that much, but for some reason, I can't get myself to do it! I'm frustrated with myself because I felt so good during and after meditating throughout week one. I want to get that back. I need to be a bit more disciplined with myself.


The first half of Week Three, I was snowed in thanks to Minnesota's mid-April blizzard. It just so happens I'd just planned to go grocery shopping around the same time the storm set in, and I wasn't willing to venture out onto the roads. As a result, I survived off chicken nuggets the entire weekend. Luckily, I turned it around the second half of Week Three and actually ate a quite healthy, balanced diet. My friend Nora and I are both practicing intuitive eating (basically, eat what you want when you're hungry for it; stop when you're full; be mindful about your choices; don't eat just for the sake of eating.) It's been incredible to simply listen to my body and feed it what it wants.


Week Three's self-reflection questions didn't resonate with me as much as Week Two's. I did, however, spend more time throughout the week reflecting on how I felt and how my actions, mindset, and yoga practice were affecting my day-to-day. I'm becoming more in tune with both my body and mind, which is pretty much the whole point of this program. Call it a win.


In the meta description of this post I ask, "Am I getting good at this?" The answer is no. I'm not getting good at this at all. On a journey to personal revolution, there is no "good" or "bad."

The best we can strive for is equanimity.

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