Recap: How-To Make Bold Moves

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Business Marketing Association Minnesota’s Young Professionals’ “How to Make Bold Moves” Happy Hour at local, custom design startup, Timber & Tulip. That’s an extremely long-winded way of saying:

I went to a networking event at a cool studio and met cool people!

I was equally excited and nervous to step into a new place, slap on a nametag, and start conversations with impressive professionals whom I had never met. But, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made last week, and here’s my quick and dirty recap of the event:


Life is made up of a lot of little moments and a few bold moves that completely change your path. For some, those bold moves include changing majors, changing careers, or going back to school. For others, it was ditching the cubicle and starting their own companies. No matter what your bold move is, taking the leap can be intimidating, scary, difficult, lonely, and risky. The BMA curated a group of inspiring young professionals to share the benefits and pitfalls of taking risks.


The panelists chosen to share their stories at How to Make Bold Moves are individuals who took a risk, made the jump, and changed their lives on a whim. For many of them, it was quitting their stable job to pursue their dream. For others, it was figuring out what to do when their “dream job” wasn’t at all what they had hoped. I have always been an advocate for listening to your gut and doing what you love, so I found inspiration in these individuals’ stories.


I walked away from How to Make Bold Moves with tons of energy and motivation to run at my goals in full force. Aside from the inspiration to re-vamp my blog and turn it into a better representation of me and my work, as well as a resource for those in my industry (stay tuned), I learned a lot of valuable lessons at How to Make Bold Moves, applicable to both my career and my life in general.

My biggest takeaways, in the panelists’ words:

  • Just start.

  • Put yourself out there.

  • Do it, and don’t look back.

  • Live in the moment.

  • Embrace fear.

It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you.


It’s no secret (at least to me) that Minneapolis is full of inspirational, driven individuals, looking to make a difference in the community. I met some awesome young entrepreneurs at How to Make Bold Moves, so here’s a little shout out to them and their work:

Sarah Deimal

of Sweet Root MPLS

Sweet Root MPLS is a vegan-friendly bakery service, creating dairy-free and vegan treats that don’t compromise taste.

Sarah Nichols

of RSVTea

RSVTea is a new start up offering three flavors of carbonated, energizing organic teas.

Jenna Redfield

of Jenna Redfield Designs

Jenna is a brand photographer and videographer, who recently started her own business. She is also a member of the Twin Cities Collective.



Coffee, coffee, coffee

Thank god networking = coffee. I am so anxious to connect with the awesome individuals I met at How to Make Bold Moves, because–in all honesty–I need some “adult” friends! I can’t wait to explore more of the Twin Cities’ beloved coffee shops, share my story and listen to others’, and continue making bold moves in the city I love so dearly.

Twin Cities Collective

Finding the Twin Cities Collective is quite possibly the best connection I walked away with from How to Make Bold Moves. The Twin Cities Collective is a network of bloggers in Minneapolis and Saint Paul who follow, engage, promote, and support one another! I’m so excited to get to know this wonderful group of creatives as I continue to grow my blog as a “side hustle.”

The Twin Cities Collective has an upcoming event at Haute Barre in St. Louis Park on February 25. I’m ECSTATIC, because the event combines so much of what I love: networking, creatives, and fitness. Stay tuned for my recap of the Haute Barre event at the end of the month!