Recap: MPLS MadWomen "Growing Pains"

With a nod to the advertising mavericks of 50’s and 60’s New York, and the beloved HBO TV Series Mad Men, the creative, powerful, and hard working women of Minneapolis’ advertising scene created a unique nonprofit for creative women (and men) in the area: MPLS MadWomen.

MPLS MadWomen Growing Pains - Muse Event Center
We inspire women to pursue their ambitions and achieve professional goals by igniting conversations to bridge the gender gap in the creative community.
— MPLS MadWomen Mission


I had the opportunity to attend the MPLS MadWomen’s event “Growing Pains” at Muse Event Center in the North Loop. After a gin and tonic, a little networking, and lots of photo-taking, I sat down for a night of advice presented by four panelists and one cheerful moderator:

The purpose of last night’s event was to dissect and better understand the challenges–or growing pains–that come with climbing up the career ladder, especially those challenges that are unique to women.

I don’t think balance exists. I think choice exists.
— Lori Yeager Davis

There were so many powerful nuggets of advice that I’m struggling to decide which to feature. Because I like structure and because I like lists, I’ve organized my key takeaways into two categories:



  • Say “I’m sorry” when you’re not actually sorry

  • Let yourself be “tone-policed” by the men with whom you work

  • Let yourself get trapped by trying to be Superwoman

  • Compare yourself to others

The times I wasn’t pissing people off, I wasn’t really doing things that important.
— Remi Kent


  • Be authentic

  • Give up trying to be liked by everybody

  • Know when the gig is up

  • Let yourself feel the hurt

  • Surround yourself with supportive (and honest) people

  • Understand what’s in your control

  • Step outside of your comfort zone

  • Be vulnerable

The more accepting I am of myself, the more accepting I am of others.
— Remi Kent

A special thanks to MPLS MadWomen for hosting the event, to Nina Hale, Carmichael Lynch, and Martin Williams for sponsoring, to Muse Event Center for providing space, and to Chowgirls for catering.