Recap: Twin Cities Collective Meet-Up at Haute Barre

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to join some of Twin Cities Collectives’ finest at Haute Barre in St. Louis Park, MN. We met up for an hour workout followed by a social hour complete with wine, almonds, giveaways, and COOKIES (courtesy of The Polka Dot Cookie.)

Haute Barre - St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Polkda Dot Cookie and Still Kickin

Attending events like these on my own always terrifies me. Usually, whenever I get word of a networking event that sounds up my alley, I reach out to any and all friends/co-workers who are even remotely interested in the same topics I am. But this time, it was all me.

In addition to strengthening my copywriting skills and advancing my personal blog, I’ve so far spent 2017 focusing on my health, working out (almost) everyday and becoming more conscious about the food I put in my body. So when TCC announced an event for bloggers who also want to workout, I knew I had to go, with or without company.

Spoiler: I’m SO glad I went!

Side note: I am now totally in love with barre workouts and spent the remainder of the weekend on Pinterest, pinning a ton of at-home moves I can do to mimic what I learned in class.



We gathered at Haute Barre to not only support the successful, local, women-owned business, but also to support Still Kickin, a foundation that chooses a Still Kickin Hero each month and supports them in whatever way they need.

Pretty much the coolest event ever, right? We’re talking supporting women, local business, charity, blogging, friendship, creativity, health and fitness, and baked goods!


Haute Barre and Twin Cities Collective
Barre is low impact and has a low injury risk. Small controlled movements improve core strength and reduce pressure on joints, ligaments and the spine.
— Haute Barre Studios


Because this event is about supporting local business and local bloggers, I want to give a shout out to everyone I hung out with:



I find a lot of parallels between Haute Barre and the Twin Cities Collective. We often take on new endeavors alone or afraid, and we often want to give up. In a workout, and in life, we’ve got to keep pushing. Just one more rep, or one more step. Then, another one. Taking these steps is always easier with a group of people by your side, cheering you on and picking you back up when you fall down, which is what makes group fitness and collectives so powerful.

For those of you hesitant to step outside your comfort zone and attend an event solo, I think you should go for it. (And if you really don’t want to go for it, invite me! I’ll probably come.)



As always, I look forward to continue networking with these local creatives, and I’m excited to further explore my new interest in barre! It’s starting to feel like I can really do this adult thing.

If you’re interested in trying a class at Haute Barre, visit their site here.

If you’d like to donate to this month’s Still Kickin Hero, Ella, go here.

For more information on the Twin Cities Collective, click here.

Twin Cities Collective at Haute Barre

*Group photo courtesy of Jenna Redfield


HUGE thank you to Jenna Redfield of Jenna Redfield Designs for organizing the event. Special thanks to Haute Barre for hosting such a fun and empowering class, and thanks to The Polka Dot Cookie for the seriously delicious, custom cookies!