Book Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

“Everyone lies about writing. They lie about how easy it is or how hard it was. They perpetuate a romantic idea that writing is some beautiful experience that takes place in an architectural room filled with leather novels and chai tea. No one tells the truth about writing. The truth is, writing is this: hard and boring and occasionally great but usually not. Even I have lied about writing. I have told people that writing this book has been like brushing away dirt from a fossil. What a load of shit. It has been like hacking away at a freezer with a screwdriver.”

Amy Poehler wrote a book and it was a joyous ride from page one to page 329. As with everything else, Amy was funny, honest, and unapologetically herself.

She’s also an incredibly talented writer, which surprised me, but I don’t know why. After all, she helped write Parks & Recreation, so I knew she was talented before I cracked the spine on Yes Please.

I’ve never written a book review before, so I don’t really know how this is supposed to go. I’ll start by saying Yes Please is a great read. I highly recommend adding it to your bookshelf, alongside other humorous gems like Bossypants by Tina Fey. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey belong side by side, and so do their books.

Yes Please taught me that hard work pays off, and that self love is of utmost importance.

These are things I already knew, but reading them in writing was solidifying. Amy’s stories and learned wisdom made me excited for my future as a woman.

It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for. It takes years to find your voice and seize your real estate.

Yes Please also taught me to care less about what other people think of me. I will find my tribe, they will love me for who I am, and things will work out. And even when things don’t workout, by the time I’ve 42, I won’t care anymore and my memoir will reflect that.

You have to care about your work but not about the result. You have to care about how good you are and how good you feel, but not about how good people think you are or how good people think you look.
Amy Poehler Yes Please

As I page back through the book, I am struck by so many nuggets of wisdom. I can’t share them all, of course, because I don’t want to spoil all the good stuff, but I will leave you with Amy’s parting words:

The only way we will survive is by being kind. The only way we can get by in this world is through the help we receive from others. No one can do it alone, no matter how great the machines are.

On Goodreads, I gave Yes Please a 5-star rating, and I stand by it. The book was well written and easy to read. It made me laugh. It made me think. And it made me love Amy Poehler even more, which frankly I didn’t think was possible.

Should Amy Poehler write another book? Yes Please!