Happy Birthday, erikavoeller.com!

Happy Birthday to this blog!

A year ago today, I set out to create a website that showcased my talents. It originated as a portfolio of sorts, because I was desperately trying to get an internship. I led people to my site who were curious about my capabilities.

I was still in college, I was thinking of pursuing a graphic design minor, and I had no idea how the next year would unfold.

In fact, if you would have told me a year ago today that this is what my life (and my website) would look like now, I would have had a really hard time believing you.

I am excited about how much this site has grown and changed over the past year—it’s a reflection of how much I have changed, too.

My hope is that I am able to continue sharing my take on marketing practices, healthy living, and young professionalism. (I know that’s not really a niche, but I’m not a niche-type person. Those who know me know my interests span a multitude of niches.)

I have so much in the works to really take this blog to the next level, so if you like what you see, please stay tuned. For those who have hung out and clicked through my annoying Facebook posts to read what I have to say for the past 365 days, thank you.

Here’s to hundreds of more days and better writing.


Thank you to For The Joy Blog for the free stock photo!