Books, Binges & Blogs: August 2017 Edition

One of my goals for 2017 is to read more. Now that I’m not a student anymore, I have more time to dedicate myself to leisure reading (and listening; and, OK, binge-watching shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon). As much as I can’t believe it, the first seven months of the year have come and gone, leaving us all with only five short months to make good on our New Year’s resolutions.

This month, I’m tackling the following books, blogs, and podcasts—and if you feel so inclined, I invite you to join me.


The Girls

This book came on my radar thanks to my book club (which I haven’t attended in three months… oops!) The Girls is the story of a young woman who gets swept up in a Manson-esque cult in the 60’s. Throughout the book, the main character—Evie—recounts stories from the 60’s while living her adult life in the present day. I’m only a few chapters in, but I am hooked!

Writing Down the Bones

I have my amazing supervisor to thank for introducing me to Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. This is not the type of book you’ll want to read cover to cover. Rather, it’s the type of book you’ll want to pick up when you feel disconnected from your writing; when you feel your writing just isn’t cutting it anymore; or when you need the motivation to finish the piece you’re working on. Much like Stephen King’s On Writing, this book makes me want to sit down in a dusty office covered in papers and books and write for months on end.


The Mindy Project

I *finally* have access to Hulu, which means I am binge-watching everything I can get my hands on. I've wanted to watch The Mindy Project for a long time. The basic premise: Mindy is a 31-year-old OBGYN living in New York, trying (and failing) to navigate the modern dating scene. If you have access to Hulu, I highly suggest diving in.


Girl Boss

No matter what mood I’m in or what’s going on in my personal and/or professional life, Girl Boss has a relatable post to share. Most recently, I found myself in their post, “Is Stress the Latest Status Symbol?” Written with authenticity, wit, and a large dose of reality, this post definitely left me wanting to read more.

Mill City Creative

I’m biased about Mill City Creative, too, but I’m shamelessly plugging it, anyway. Mill City Creative is an important business to support. It’s the product of one stellar woman’s commitment to herself and to her passion: writing and helping brands succeed. Mill City’s owner, Maggie, is an inspiring entrepreneur with a blog covering a wide range of topics, so you’re bound to find something relatable within.

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