Whole30: Week 3


Finally, the week of "Tiger Blood" is upon us!

Unfortunately, I haven't really felt that "Tiger Blood" kick in yet. Similar to Week 2, Week 3 was emotionally taxing and difficult. I feel as if I've been half-assing the Whole30, even though, objectively, I haven't been. I'm still eating compliant foods throughout the day, and I have not veered off path. I can't believe I only have 10 days left!


DAY 15

An exciting day, for a number of reasons. Mainly: It's the halfway point!

Day 15 started out a little poorly, as I was still a little sick from Day 14 (I had thrown up my Day 14 dinner and my stomach had been in knots all night). But, I forced myself to eat nutritious, Whole30-compliant meals and get back on track.

BREAKFAST: Coconut flakes, banana, and sunflower spread topped with cinnamon; 2 hardboiled eggs on the side

LUNCH: Tuna salad on spinach and romaine; carrot sticks + 2 clementines

SNACK: An apple.

DINNER: I attended a networking event during the evening, and since I had eaten a late lunch, I knew I wouldn't be hungry enough for dinner before leaving (the event started at 5:30). Instead, I threw a few compliant snacks in my purse, and waited to dive into my spaghetti squash, ground turkey, and tomato sauce until I got home around 8:00PM.


DAY 16

BREAKFAST: Egg scramble w/ turkey and cherry tomatoes; 2 clementines

LUNCH: Spaghetti squash w/ ground turkey and homemade tomato sauce

DINNER: The evening of Day 16 was emotionally draining and I was in no mood for dinner. But, my good friend Nora left a mug, a candle, and a few compliant snacks outside my apartment door to make me feel better, saying, "they're the closest thing to chocolate we can eat."

I gobbled them up and called it a day.


DAY 17

BREAKFAST: Banana + pan roasted hot dog, cherry tomatoes, and spinach

SNACK: 2 clementines

LUNCH: I made myself a cucumber salad with cucumbers (obviously), a little spinach, rice vinegar, and fresh rosemary. 2 hardboiled eggs and some carrot sticks on the side.

DINNER: For the first time since starting the Whole30, I went out to eat! I was scared to navigate the restaurant scene, but I am happy to report I made it! I ordered a burger with no bun + lettuce and tomato on top. I subbed french fries for carrot sticks, and had a side salad with no cheese and no dressing. It was a bit of a boring meal, but the company was good, and I had a Lärabar and RX bar waiting for me when I got home.


DAY 18

I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe I am nearly two thirds of the way through my first round of Whole30, and I haven't cheated, and I haven't struggled, and I haven't given up. In fact, I realize now just how much I don't want to return to my old lifestyle. I genuinely want to keep eating this way, because physically, I feel great. For the first time in my entire life, I haven't turned to a bag (or three) of Dove chocolate to help get me through a breakup. I'd be lying if I said I haven't subbed chocolate bars for RX bars in recent days, but I'm still doing better than I ever was before.

BREAKFAST: Chicken breast, an apple, and a banana.

I never thought my morning routine would include waking up before 7:00AM to cook chicken on the stovetop and throw ingredients for carnitas into the slow cooker while my coffee is brewing. I love my new routine: waking up, staying in my jammies, and making a wholesome breakfast for myself to enjoy before heading out the door is great.

LUNCH: Salad with chicken and avocado. Carrot sticks and 2 clementines on the side (I also munched on some CB's pumpkin seeds—not pictured)

DINNER: Carnitas and leftover salad. I didn't finish my salad from lunch, and I tried desperately to scarf it down as part of my dinner, but for some reason, I just couldn't. I filled up on carnitas instead.

SNACK: It was girls' night, and my friend Robin always brings a baked good to munch on. She made Whole30-compliant apple crisp that we enjoyed with a mug of Whole30-approved hot apple cider. It finally feels like fall!


DAY 19

BREAKFAST: 2 hardboiled eggs, an avocado, and an apple and banana topped with cinnamon (+ coffee with pumpkin spice Nutpods because it was National Coffee Day!)

LUNCH: Spinach & Romaine salad with carnitas and banana peppers; side of cucumber

DINNER: Salmon (perhaps freezer-burned, judging by the color) & roasted potatoes


DAY 20

BREAKFAST/LUNCH: I made scrambled eggs with ground beef and topped it off with leftover tomato sauce; a banana and 2 clementines on the side. I ate this for breakfast at about 1:00PM (I didn't get out of bed until 12:15) and then again for "lunch" later.

DINNER: I didn't eat a true dinner, either. Instead, I munched on Epic jerky throughout the night. I also roasted some potatoes as a late-night snack. It was a weird day.


DAY 21

Once again, I didn't eat three full meals, like I should have. I ate a pretty hearty breakfast, which left me full until about 3:00PM when I grabbed an apple and headed to the grocery store. Then, I made a homemade butternut squash and pumpkin soup (recipe below) which kept me full until bed.

BREAKFAST: Roasted potatoes topped with 2 fried eggs

DINNER: Butternut squash and pumpkin soup

Sauté fresh butternut squash, one red pepper, and green onion until soft. Add 1 can pumpkin and 2 cups chicken broth, 1/2 cup water. Blend everything together until creamy, then transfer back to stovetop and add fresh rosemary, a bay leaf, and salt. Optional: add pumpkin spice seasoning and top with pumpkin seeds.



1 = Worst I've ever felt. 10 = Best I've ever felt.

Energy: 2/10

My energy isn't great, but I don't blame the Whole30—I blame myself. I have been so emotionally taxed lately that I have not been adhering to a good sleep schedule. I have been going to bed too late and waking up too early. I even slept on my couch a couple nights this week, which probably wasn't the wisest decision.

Sleep: 6/10

Digestion: 8/10

Mood: 4/10

Again, the Whole30 isn't to blame for my poor mood. If anything, I think I would feel a million times worse if I wasn't eating so healthy (see a further explanation of this here). My mood has been impacted by other factors, and I am more than ready to finish the Whole30 stronger than ever to get my mood back where it should be.

Skin: 6/10

Slowly but surely I am seeing a clearer, softer face emerge. And my hair and nails are still strong as hell (win!)

Allergies/Illness: 2/10

'Tis the season! My allergies have been pretty bad the past few days and I haven't found the perfect remedy for relief (yet). I miss my Flonase.