Whole30: Week 4


I can't believe Week 4 has come and gone. The Whole30 has absolutely flown by, and to be honest, I'm sad it's almost over!

(Remember when I didn't think I'd make it?)

Below, find the meals I enjoyed during my last full week of the Whole30, as well as updates to how I feel and how I'm approaching reintroduction.

DAY 22

BREAKFAST: 2 links tomato basil chicken sausage, banana, and avocado

LUNCH: Butternut squash soup, cucumber, and 2 hardboiled eggs

PRE-WORKOUT SNACK: Chomp's jerky stick + an apple

DINNER: Chicken Curry—cauliflower and sweet potato "rice" topped with sautéed chicken, spinach, mushrooms, Trader Joe's curry simmer sauce, and cashews. (SO GOOD!)

BEDTIME SNACK: Prosciutto and leftover cauliflower/sweet potato "rice" with curry sauce (I was so hungry... I blame my cardio workout!)


DAY 23

BREAKFAST: Bowl of banana coins, coconut chips, and sunflower butter topped with cinnamon; 2 links chicken sausage on the side

LUNCH: Butternut squash soup, prosciutto, and an avocado

SNACK: 2 clementines (not pictured)

DINNER: Eggplant topped w/ sautéed spinach and shredded chicken

LATE NIGHT SNACK: Trader Joe's dried mango (s'good—and not pictured)


DAY 24

BREAKFAST: 3 scrambled eggs, an apple, 2 clementines, and a banana

LUNCH: Spinach & Romaine salad with shredded curry chicken and orange pepper; side of celery sticks dipped in sunflower butter

SNACK: Cherry Pie Lärabar + Chomp's bar

SNACK 2: Epic bar + dried mango

DINNER: Making a well-rounded dinner was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do, so I reheated half an eggplant from the night before, cooked some ground turkey, and topped it off with hot sauce. Later in the night, I ate more of the ground turkey with hot sauce and a Lärabar.


DAY 25

BREAKFAST: Apple, banana, 2 clementines, and an RX bar

LUNCH: Bell pepper topped with tuna salad; cucumber on the side

DINNER: Butternut squash soup+ Epic bison jerky


DAY 26

BREAKFAST: Scrambled eggs, a banana, and an avocado.

LUNCH: Ground beef with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, & curry sauce

DINNER: (Not pictured) Leftover ground beef with hot sauce + raw pumpkin seeds and an RX bar on the side


DAY 27

I am SO over the Whole30. I can't put a meal together to save my life. It has been a huge challenge to keep going, and I've been snacking too much instead of eating 3 square meals. In this way, I feel like I've failed. I'm still eating compliant foods, and that will have to be good enough to get me through the last 3 days. I'm reminding myself there is no such thing as the "Perfect Whole30" — and I've done my best!

BREAKFAST: Starbucks iced coffee + pumpkin spice RX bar

BRUNCH: I went out to eat for the second time during my Whole30. I ordered what I thought would be pretty compliant, but unfortunately I still had to make a lot of adjustments. When all was said and done, I wound up with field greens, one egg over easy, one strip of bacon, one sausage link, and a side of fruit (green apple, strawberries, blueberries).

DINNER: Avocado topped with two fried eggs and tomato


DAY 28

BREAKFAST: What is supposed to be an omelet, but is really just a mess of eggs, spinach, and mushrooms. Apple on the side.

LUNCH: Salmon cake, shrimp, a pear, and a KIND pressed fruit bar

DINNER: Hamburger patty topped with tomato; greens, avocado, potatoes, and Tessa Mae's Whole30-approved ketchup on the side



1 = Worst I've ever felt. 10 = Best I've ever felt.

Energy: 7.5/10

My energy levels have certainly increased. Overall, I need less coffee to get through the day than I ever used to, and I don't hit that 3:00PM slump. I rarely feel tired (except at night, of course).

Sleep: 9/10

I sleep like a rockstar!

Digestion: 5/10 (neutral)

I think my digestion would be better if I refrained from snacking the way I have been. I have been eating too many RX bars and probably not enough vegetables (or variety of foods).

Mood: 6/10

My mood has been all over the place throughout this process. Had I known life would attack in the way it did this past month, I may have postponed my Whole30. But, by the same token, the Whole30 is all about developing healthy habits for life—and life happens. I am actively trying to find healthy ways to cope with stress, sadness, and disappointment. Ways that do not involve food. Stay tuned to see how I do!

Skin: 8.5/10

FINALLY I can report that my skin is clear! My face hasn't looked this good in quite some time, and my hair and nails are still strong, too. Win!

Allergies/Illness: 6/10

I never did find the best all-natural remedy for my allergies. I am still exploring a few routes—mainly trying different essential oils—to see what will do the trick. I miss my Flonase, but I'm also afraid to start using it again. I'm not sure I want to ingest sugar through my nose.


The first thing I'm going to reintroduce is... alcohol!

Before you judge, let me elaborate. I am planning to still follow Whole30 as closely as possible for the foreseeable future. Before the Whole30, I was already limiting my dairy and gluten intake because I have been sensitive to both for some time. I have no desire to add copious amounts of sugar back into my diet, because I know I will feel sick, bloated, and sluggish. Aside from legumes and grains, alcohol is really the only thing left on the current "Do Not Consume" list — and after 30 days of compliant eating, I think I deserve a glass (or two) of wine.

I figure, I'm already used to eating this way, so there's no reason to give it all up so soon. Technically, the Whole30 has a reintroduction plan that helps you slowly add in one non-compliant food group at a time, but I am going to try and tackle it in my own way (famous last words, I'm sure). I don't feel that my last two weeks of Whole30 were as strong as the first two, which is all the more reason for me to keep going. And, I will probably do a "Whole20" in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to make room for all those Christmas goodies! Stay tuned!

Cover Photo Courtesy of Minimalist Baker