My Whole30 Essential Oils Survival Kit

Let's talk about something other than food. There are no shortage of changes when you start the Whole30. From restocking your kitchen, prepping your meals, washing more dishes, and mental and physical changes, it's no wonder your body freaks out a little in the process.

One of the wildest things I learned from the Whole30 book is that even medicine often has added sulfites, and sometimes even sugars! The stuff that's supposed to help heal our sniffles and fatigue may be feeding our Sugar Dragon... yikes. And for that reason, it is recommended you cut out OTC medications, like aspirin, during your Whole30.

If you're like me, now's about the time you're thinking, "So, I'm going to be experiencing fatigue and withdrawal-induced headaches and I can't pop an Advil to help? How the heck am I going to get through this?"

Welcome essential oils to the stage!

I've been a bit of an oils junkie for a couple years now, and even though I miss my Advil and my cough drops (I've had a bit of a tickle in my throat lately), I am happy to have a pretty robust collection of essential oils to lean on.

Here are the ones I'm using as I continue along my Whole30 journey.


Problem: Headaches

Likely caused by sugar withdrawal, these headaches can crop up at any point during the day and take our focus away from a number of our responsibilities.

Remedy: Head Ease

This synergy blend is specially designed to relieve head pain. I typically put a drop on each of my pointer fingers and rub the oil on my temples.

This specific blend is from Eden's Garden, where I buy most of my oils, but other companies have similar blends crafted to target headaches, too.

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Problem: A Case of the Sniffles

This is a common symptom when you're in the midst of the Whole30. You've completely changed what you're putting in your body! Your immune system is bound to react a little. According to the Whole30 book, the sniffles and/or a sore throat are especially common on Day 3 (for me, they hit around Day 5).

Remedy: Sinus Formula

This oil seriously changed my life. As someone who has suffered from seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember, I was blown away by how well this oil works. I can breathe again, people! This formula is meant to be rubbed inside the nostrils and on the bottoms of your feet.

Find this oil at a store near you.



Problem: Soreness & Fatigue

This can happen for a number of reasons. Your body is finding nourishment and energy from new sources, and as a result, your body is changing everyday! Your sleeping patterns are also changing, which means you may be moving more in your sleep and/or snoozing in new positions that cause fatigue and soreness the next day.

Remedy: Aveda Blue Oil

This is one of my favorite oils of all time. I describe it to my friends as "all-natural icy hot." The peppermint has a cooling effect, and helps relieve tension in the neck, shoulders, temples... really anywhere! This oil is particularly great because it comes in a roll-on bottle, and it fits in my purse!

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Problem: Upset Stomach, Bloating, or Digestive Issues

This has gotta be the second most common symptom of the Whole30 (second only to sugar headaches). It's also totally normal. Your stomach and digestive system are both processing new foods, and cleansing your body of old ones.

Remedy: Digest Ease

I thought this oil was hokey at first. I didn't think rubbing an oil on the outside of my stomach (lower abdomen, to be exact) would have any effect on what was happening inside. But, sure enough, after eating a big meal or something that just doesn't agree with me, I rub a little Digest Ease on my tummy and wait for the magic to happen.

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Problem: Congestion

Again, this can happen for a number of reasons, but primarily: your immune system is adjusting to your new lifestyle! (Additionally, depending on the time of year you're doing the Whole30, you might just get congested as the result of your environment. It's normal.)

Remedy: Breathe Easier

We already talked about the all-natural version of icy hot. This stuff is the all-natural version of Vick's. (I swear it even smells like it!) I often diffuse this oil before and during bedtime to help me breathe with ease throughout the night.

Find this blend at Eden's Garden.

Problem: Trouble Sleeping

This is a super common side effect of the Whole30, too. (Don't worry, you'll sleep better as time goes on). I think, during the first couple weeks, lack of sleep is common because we can no longer rely on passing out after drinking, or crashing after consuming a ton of sugar.

Remedy: Lavender Oil

Lavender is one of the most commonly-found oils, so you can probably find it at your local drugstore or supermarket. Similar to the sinus formula, you can rub a little lavender oil on the bottoms of your feet to help you catch some zzz's, or put one drop on your pillow before you hit the hay (that's what I do, and it's luxurious.)

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Best of luck with your Whole30 journey! I hope these remedies help you tackle some of the negative symptoms you might experience. (I promise, there are more positives than negatives.)

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