Whole 30: Good Food Standards


According to Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, creators of the Whole30, the foods we eat should:

  • Promote a healthy psychological response

  • Promote a healthy hormonal response

  • Support a healthy gut

  • Support immune function and minimize inflammation

I have been wanting to do the Whole30 for a long time, but I'll be honest, the primary driving force behind my desire to "try it out" was to lose weight. I still want to lose weight, but there are SO many additional benefits to this program that I'm excited about, such as targeting:

An Unhealthy Relationship with Food

"The Whole30 is specifically designed to address any long-standing, unhealthy psychological and emotional relationships with food, helping you break free of cravings and bad habits. We eliminate nutrient-poor, calorie-dense, low-satiety foods that promote overconsumption—the stuff that once you start eating, you just can't stop. These "foods with no brakes" are the cookies, crackers, chips, chocolates, ice creams, and other comfort foods to which you find yourself irresistibly drawn when you're stressed, lonely, anxious, or unhappy."

A Sluggish Metabolism

"The foods you'll eat during your Whole30 will promote stable blood sugar levels, teach your body how to utilize fat as fuel, regulate your hormones, and improve their communications with your brain. As a result, during your Whole30 you'll likely experience an increase in energy, a reduction in hunger between meals, weight loss, and an improvement in biomarkers like blood pressure, "good" cholesterol, and fasting blood sugar."

A Disrupted Digestive System

"The Whole30 eliminates the foods shown to cause or promote [a] leaky gut, allowing your digestive tract to heal and your immune system to calm. This helps to resolve a host of digestive issues (like heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and related pain) and reduce or eliminate the wide-ranging systemic effects of chronic inflammation."

An Overactive Immune System

"Last but certainly not lease, the Whole30 is an anti-inflammatory diet, designed to calm an overactive immune system and reduce or eliminate the symptoms of inflammation—aches, pains, and medical issues you may not have ever associated with your food choices. Systemic inflammation starts in your gut, but because the immune activity goes everywhere your bloodstream flows, the symptoms may appear anywhere, in any form—even in the brain."

There you have it: The official Whole30 Good Food Standards, what they target, and why I will be focusing on each of them, as well as watching my weight and skin for improvements. Follow along to see how each of these four areas improves over the course of the next 30 days!

Photo courtesy of Minimalist Baker.

Quotes taken directly from The Whole30.