Books, Binges & Blogs: January 2018 Edition


Sing, Unburied, Sing

This month's book club pick is "Sing, Unburied, Sing" by Jesmyn Ward. I'm not done with it quite yet, but so far, Ward has woven an intricate story of 13-year-old boy, JoJo, seeking to understand his identity among a complicated family structure.

What Happened

I've honestly hesitated about highlighting "What Happened" on my blog because Hillary Clinton is a complex and controversial topic to say the least. But I realized keeping this book to myself is the opposite of the message HRC is trying to promote in her book. Politics aside, this is a well-written memoir that speaks to the complexities of keeping up appearances while simultaneously battling internal struggles. And I think it's rad she can casually refer to President Obama as "Barack."


The Bachelor

My guilty pleasure. Every week, I head to St. Paul and tune in to Bachelor Nation with some of my girlfriends. I love live tweeting and adding commentary to the drama. It's silly, but it's fun and a fantastic excuse to start off the week with friends and a bottle of wine.

How To Be Single

For whatever reason, my new thing is watching cheesy rom coms on Amazon on the weekends. Based on what I watch most frequently, Amazon recommended I check out How To Be Single. I loved it. It's so much better than I anticipated, and the fantastic cast makes it so.

You can find the Rebel Wilson / Dakota Johnson mashup here.

Sleeping With Other People

I found Sleeping With Other People on Netflix and was immediately interested (and pleasantly surprised). I'm a sucker for Jason Sudeikis.


Mpls MadWomen

Shoutout to my friend Eliza who is running the show over on the MPLS MadWomen blog. She not only writes the majority of content, but she also manages the editorial calendar and communicates with contributing writers. I happen to be a contributing writer, and in January, my first contribution was published! Find out why Minneapolis is a great place for female creatives here.

From this list, you can see I'm into cheap, romantic-comedy-style entertainment.

If you have any recommendations based on what you see in this post, add them to the comments below! 👇🏼