Possibility Brewing: Gearing Up To Teach My First Yoga Class


Ten months ago, I spent my free time plopped on my couch, snacking and watching Netflix. I was living alone and struggling to figure out what to do with myself after getting home from work each night. I kept thinking, “There’s got to be more to adulthood than this.” That’s when my friend Anna slid into my Instagram DMs and asked me if I wanted to attend an Om Brewers class with her.

Om Brewers is a collective of beer-loving yogis who teacher power vinyasa yoga at breweries, bars, and distilleries around the country. After attending just one class, I was hooked. I was captivated by the magnetic energy of the teacher, Melissa.

I was obsessed with how good the practice made me feel. I was energized by the possibility of finally doing something more with my time than sitting on my couch watching reruns of Friends. I started attending Om Brewers classes regularly. And then I started practicing yoga with Melissa. And then I started hanging out with her outside of class. And then I started teacher training. And now, 10 months after that fateful first class, I am gearing up to teach an Om Brewers class tomorrow morning.


I have Om Brewers to thank for re-igniting my passion for yoga. For breaking down a challenging sequence in a laid back environment where yogis of all ages and abilities come to their mat for a little sweat and socialization. For inspiring me to go after a goal I didn’t even know I had. Om Brewers changed my life. It gave me weekend plans. It gave me friendships. It gave me community. Hell, it gave me new roommates!

Thanks to Om Brewers, I didn’t have to worry about where I might end up teaching upon nabbing my 200-Hr Registered Yoga Teacher certificate. I’ve been certified for less than a week, and I already have five classes on my schedule.

Tomorrow, I teach my first one. And it’s SOLD OUT.

I am floored by the outpouring of love, community, and support Om Brewers has provided me. I am honored I get to switch roles with Melissa tomorrow and lead her through an inspiring flow. I am ready now, and I am so. damn. excited.