A Week in the Life: Behind-the-Scenes at Flowers Plus ON Valentine’s Day


Roses are red
Violets are blue
You’ve heard of Flowers Plus
But do you realize how much work they do?

In  2018, consumers in the United States spent $2.4 million dollars just on flowers for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day in the U.S., like other holidays, prompts consumers to spend millions of dollars on cards, gifts, and memorable experiences for loved ones. For generations, giving flowers to a friend, family member, or significant other has been a favorable way to express gratitude and love.

Flowers Plus in Elk River can certainly attest to the trend. To say things were busy the week of Valentine’s Day 2019 would be a gross understatement. The usual seven-person team more than doubled in size to field orders and design and deliver flower orders for the big day.


Monday, February 11

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and surviving Valentine’s Day at a floral shop is no different.

Flowers Plus of Elk River typically employs two full-time and five part-time employees. But to tackle Valentine’s Day orders this year, volunteer drivers, helpers, and two additional floral designers joined the team to help keep things moving. With 17 total hands on deck, the busy ten- and twelve-hour days commenced on Monday, February 11, and didn’t stop all week.

The team’s flower supplier delivered the flowers pictured here, in addition to 1,000 roses not pictured. More flowers continued to arrive daily through Friday.

Tuesday, February 12

To make it through the long and busy week, an endless supply of coffee, soda, veggies, sandwich supplies — and of course a few sweet treats — kept the team full and fueled for Day Two.

Working in a flower shop, especially during the holidays, is a workout. Fresh flowers are kept in buckets of water which each weigh 45 to 50 pounds. Florists and volunteers carry these buckets in and out of the cooler multiple times a day throughout the week. During a Monday shift, one employee logged 11,533 steps on her Fitbit, and another 12,897 on Tuesday.

The cooler at 1:30 PM Tuesday

The cooler at 1:30 PM Tuesday

The cooler at 5:30 PM Tuesday

The cooler at 5:30 PM Tuesday

Wednesday, February 13

On Wednesday morning, employees and volunteers arrived to Flowers Plus at 7:45 AM to begin a long day of designing and delivering. Most of the volunteers who helped lighten the Valentine’s Day load are members of owner Samantha Rasmusson’s family. Her mother-in-law, family friend, husband, and brother each took time out of their regular work week to support the Flowers Plus team.

The Show Must Go On

As is typical in Minnesota, the week of February 14th was not a warm one. Minnesotans in Elk River and beyond faced subzero temps, icy roads, and lots of snow. Still, deliveries had to be made. The Flowers Plus team worked in chilly temps indoors, too, as they had to turn down the heat to keep flowers fresh while busily processing more orders than they could fit in the cooler.

Bouquets waiting to be wrapped and delivered, Wednesday, February 13

Bouquets waiting to be wrapped and delivered, Wednesday, February 13

Valentine’s Day

Up and at ’em early Thursday morning, the team was back in the shop before 7:00 AM for the final stretch. By Thursday, Rasmusson had already worked 50 hours, and she and her team had already cycled through 2,500 roses of all colors — red, pink, lavender, orange, and more.

Prepped to work another 12 hours to finish out the day, Rasmusson and more volunteers — including part-time employee Sidney, who skipped a day of school to help — delivered more than 125 floral arrangements to businesses Thursday morning before embarking on home deliveries, totaling more than 200 deliveries throughout the course of the day.

Of course, not all floral arrangements are delivered. Flowers Plus also stayed busy fielding late and in-person requests. A steady ‘ping’ signaling the opening of the shop door kept workers on their toes throughout the holiday until the final delivery went out at 3:15 PM. Three and a half hours later, all seven delivery vehicles were back, stems, petals, and ribbon trimmings were cleaned up, and the marathon was finally over.


Rain, Shine, or Snow . . . Flowers Plus Delivers

In the United States, it’s common practice to send your loved ones floral arrangements for big events. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a wedding or a funeral, florists stay busy all year long delivering high-end, beautiful arrangements to the people their clients love most.

Whatever the season, no matter the holiday, and even in inclement weather, Flowers Plus delivers. To order a floral arrangement for a loved one or for your next event, call 763-441-2598 or order online at eflowersplus.net.